Microsoft Clarifies No Ads in Windows 11 Start Menu

Microsoft reverts changes in Windows 11, confirming no advertisements will appear in the Start Menu. Users can manage settings if future ads are added.

Recent concerns arose about potential advertisements in the Windows 11 Start Menu due to changes in the switch names in the Windows 11 26200.5001 (Canary channel), which included the word “ads”.

However, this worry was unwarranted as Microsoft did not officially announce such an intention, and it was just a misinterpretation by users.

windows 11 start menu ads canary channel

In the latest internal testing version 26212, Microsoft reverted the switch name back to its previous form. Now, the switch description reads, “Display tips, app recommendations, and more on the Start Menu page in the settings app.”

This indicates that users of the latest Windows 11 Canary testing version will not see any terms related to “ads.”

Windows 11 Feature image

Microsoft’s Senior Project Manager for the Windows Insider Program, Brandon LeBlanc, clarified that the change in April involving the switch name was due to an “extremely old text string” and did not imply that real ads would be incorporated into the Start Menu.

Moreover, even if Microsoft decides to introduce ads in the Start Menu in the future, users might have the option to disable them through settings.

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Microsoft Clarifies No Ads in Windows 11 Start Menu

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