Microsoft Enhances Edge with Advanced Text Editing Capabilities

Microsoft’s latest update to Edge introduces extensive text editing tools, including a Compose feature for rewriting text via Copilot, and improved digital handwriting with Windows Ink.

Reports surfaced on April 24 indicating that Microsoft has recently released a press statement unveiling the expansion of multiple text editing capabilities for the Edge browser. Among these additions, the most significant is the Compose function, which rewrites the text content selected by the user by leveraging Copilot.

microsoft edge browser new functionality

According to Microsoft’s official explanation, the user selects a text segment on the page and then clicks the Copilot button to choose to rewrite the current fragment. The existing content can be rewritten with a different tone, format, and length.

microsoft edge new features browser

Another feature introduced in the Edge browser is an enhanced handwriting experience for Windows Ink, allowing users to write digitally in locations such as the browser address bar, text areas and input elements, and areas with the “contenteditable” attribute.

In the press release, Microsoft also unveiled numerous improvements in text editing within the Edge browser, such as the EditContext API, enabling users to create their own text editors in supported browsers.

Source: Windows Blog

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Microsoft Enhances Edge with Advanced Text Editing Capabilities

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