Is the iPod classic a good investment now?

Is the iPod Classic worth it in 2018?

Music has become a great part of our modern lives. From being used as a source of enjoyment, recreation to being used as a tool for increasing productivity; Music has definitely outgrown its initial usage of being a pastime and source of entertainment.

When Apple introduced the iPod back in the early 2000s it became a symbol for personalization of music. Everyone could carry their own music everywhere and that meant freedom of musical expression in an entirely new way.

The iPod paved the way for newer musical products which allowed users to carry their music everywhere. The journey culminated with the launch of the iPhone, a phone which had all the capabilities of the iPod and much more.

But a lot of music fans still love the OG iPod and many still want a device which only plays their music and doesn’t have too many fancy distracting features.

Personally, I too like the idea of a device which is solely meant to consume music. Such a device makes the whole process of listening to your favorite music sacred again.

The iPods also came with quite good inbuilt DACs which made the sound experience quite good. The huge storage in small form factor also comes in handy when you need to store all of your music collection in one place.

We also did a video on the same topic some time ago where we delve deeper into why an iPod classic can be a good investment now and in the nearby future.

Apple also needs to look into refreshing the idea of a standalone music player. They have something really great in the form of Apple AirPods. But they can make it even better by somehow making the AirPods as standalone music players with their inbuilt storage and music playing capabilities.

If something like that happens when such a product would be a hit in the near future!

Let’s see what happens then, but till such a time arrives we can always reminisce about the old Apple products which were truly ahead of their time.

So would you buy an iPod Classic in the near future?

Do let us know in the comments section below.

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Is the iPod classic a good investment now?

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