Microsoft Releases Reissued KB5007651 Update to Fix Defender LSA False Positives in Windows 11

On July 7th, the tech giant Microsoft issued an update to its Microsoft Health Center page. This latest update revealed that the company would be releasing the KB5007651 (version 1.0.2306.10002) update for Windows 11 Version 21H2/22H2 on July 5th. This update is aimed at fixing the LSA false positive problem, a vulnerability that was identified earlier this year.

To provide some context, Microsoft had first released the KB5007651 update (version 1.0.2302.21002) for Windows Defender back in March. This update was mandatory for all users to install.

However, after installing the update, some users reported that Windows Security displayed an alarming message that read “Local Security authority protection is off. Your device may be vulnerable,” indicating that their devices were at risk. To address this issue, Microsoft released the KB5007651 update (version number 1.0.2303.27001) on April 19, which was specifically designed to fix the LSA false positive problem.

Unfortunately, this patch turned out to have its own set of issues, and Microsoft had to withdraw it on May 17.

This latest update (version 1.0.2306.10002) is expected to provide a more permanent solution to the LSA false positive problem, and users are advised to install it as soon as possible to ensure the security of their devices.

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Microsoft Releases Reissued KB5007651 Update to Fix Defender LSA False Positives in Windows 11

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