Exciting New Microsoft Teams Feature!

Remix Your Way to Productivity With This Teams Feature

The sound of an incoming Teams Call is synonymous with the feeling of productivity. Getting work done starts with those first few notes of that jingle and it can be good to bring in a fresh spin to a classic melody.

With multiple remixes having been created by Teams enthusiasts, and community members, one of them has now been added as a Teams ringtone, to ensure that you get grooving with it.

Here’s how to use it:

1. Users have always had the ability to change their Teams ringtone from the Settings menu, under the Calls tab.

2. Click on the Calls tab, and then under Ringtones, you will notice a dropdown menu appear.

3. Select the “Remix” ringtone.

4. If the new ringtone does not appear in the dropdown, go to “Menu” and click on “check for updates.”

microsoft teams ringtone remix
Choose the Remix ringtone and see if you can help yourself from dancing along!

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Exciting New Microsoft Teams Feature!

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