HMD Global Reveals Pricing for New Nokia Branded and Proprietary Mobile Phones

April 1, 2024, marks a significant day as HMD Global is set to launch an array of Nokia-branded mobile phones alongside its proprietary models.

The pricing details, initially revealed by Nokiamob and meticulously compiled by us shed light on the anticipated market entry of these devices.

The lineup includes:

  • Nokia 110 4G (2024): Priced at approximately 316 CNY, this model continues Nokia’s tradition of offering reliable and straightforward mobile phones. Its 4G capability ensures users stay connected with speed and efficiency.
  • Nokia 225 4G: At roughly 453 CNY, this device brings forth an elevated feature phone experience with 4G connectivity, catering to those who seek simplicity without compromising on speed.
  • Nokia 235 4G: With a price tag of about 490 CNY, it offers an enhanced user experience with additional features over its predecessors, underlining Nokia’s commitment to innovation within the feature phone segment.
  • Nokia 3210 4G: This iconic model is reborn in the 4G era, priced at approximately 587 CNY. It combines nostalgia with modern technology, offering a unique blend of past and present.
  • HMD Pulse Pro: A testament to HMD Global’s venture into more advanced technology, this feature phone comes with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage, priced at around 1264 CNY for the standard edition and 1403 CNY for the Enterprise edition, indicating a focus on business users.
  • Accessories such as a dual USB-C charger and a tablet case for the HMD T21 are also part of the announced lineup, priced at about 297 CNY and 610 CNY, respectively, further expanding HMD Global’s ecosystem.

The specific parameters of these models have been the subject of previous reports, with the Nokia 110 4G (2024) model expected to launch its domestic version in China shortly.

HMD Global’s announcement highlights its ongoing commitment to refreshing its product lineup, catering to a broad spectrum of users from those who favor simplicity and reliability in their mobile phones to businesses seeking robust feature-rich devices.

This strategy not only underlines HMD’s dedication to the Nokia legacy but also its adaptability in embracing technological advancements to meet diverse consumer needs.

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HMD Global Reveals Pricing for New Nokia Branded and Proprietary Mobile Phones

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