PayU introduces OneTap Technology


Mobile Wallets ; convenient and easy to use. Thanks to them, you don’t have to carry cash that much. One of biggest Mobile Wallet Companies PayU has now introduced a much better way to pay online by introducing OneTap Technology. The OneTap technology enables all mobile payments being made through debit or a credit card to happen just by tapping once on the screen.

The technology has been made keeping in mind the 4 main steps that take place when you make a purchase online on an e-commerce site. The store card feature, which is something that we are used to now, saves the card information of all your regularly used cards. It helps in saving time which a user wastes when they have to tediously fill out the card information before each purchase. The second factor is the CVV which can be skipped using OneTap. The third factor is the OTP which can get auto read and submitted leading to the completion of a payment seamlessly. Last and the most important, what if the payment successful screen halts and doesn’t load up? You can simply pick up the payment under process screen, meaning the Magic Retry feature picks up the procedure where it abruptly stopped. So no more hassle of putting information all the time.

Mr. Rahul Kothari, Business Head, PayU Money commented, ‘’with this technology, ecommerce companies will be able to deliver absolute customer delight through faster and hassle free payments experience with just one tap. This is one in series of innovations we are going to deliver that will change the way consumers make payments online. Consumers can presently experience this technology on apps such as PayUmoney and Twigly.  We are working with other partner ecommerce companies to get this live as soon as possible on their platforms. Some of the other apps where users will experience it in next few weeks are Peppertap, Redbus, Goibibo, Grofers, Big basket, Just dial, xiaomi, Musafir and near buy.”

Main features of OneTap include Store Card Vault where it will save all your frequent used cards information, No CVV where regular users don’t have to put in their CVV again and again, PCI-DSS for best cyber security, Auto OTP Generation for auto selection of OTP generation for 2FA, Auto OTP Read for submission of OTP on behalf of users and Magic Retry so that you can pick up the procedure where you left it.

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