Rabbit R1 Not Just Android: Official Denies AI Device Allegations

Amidst reports of the Rabbit R1 being a mere Android shell, the company clarifies its unique Rabbit OS and built-in AI

These days controversy surrounds the Rabbit R1, a new pocket AI device presented at CES 2024. Reports claimed that the device is merely a shell for an Android app, but the manufacturer, Rabbit, has officially denied these claims.

A whistleblower on X Mishaal Rahman had earlier alleged that the app, supposedly the Rabbit R1’s unique launcher, could be installed and operated on a Pixel 6a smartphone, suggesting that the Rabbit R1 might not be as unique as advertised.

The launcher, designed for a smaller screen, only utilizes a fraction of the smartphone’s display area.

Rabbit’s CEO, Jesse Lyu, countered these claims, stating that Rabbit R1 runs on a custom Rabbit OS, not on Android, and emphasized the risks associated with unauthorized third-party apps and simulators that might mimic their device’s functionality.

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He recommended against using pirated versions of Rabbit OS applications, which pose significant security risks.

Rabbit R1 has been popular since its debut, with the first 10,000 units selling out within a day. It features a 2.88-inch touchscreen, a rotating camera, and an interactive scroll wheel.

It operates independently of a smartphone and can perform a variety of tasks like playing music, shopping, and messaging.

The device runs on a MediaTek processor, with 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, and is powered to last all day.

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Rabbit R1 Not Just Android: Official Denies AI Device Allegations

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