Samsung Demonstrates 1.03-Inch, 3500ppi OLEDoS for XR Headsets

Samsung unveils a 1.03-inch, 3500ppi OLEDoS screen for XR headsets at SID 2024, showcasing advanced microdisplay technology.

Samsung presented various types of microdisplays, including an OLEDoS screen for XR headsets, an OLED screen for military use like rifle scopes, and a robot to test OLED screen durability at the SID 2024 event from May 14-16.

samsung rgb oledos screen demo

The featured product is a 1.03-inch RGB OLEDoS (Silicon-based OLED) panel with a pixel density of 3500ppi, suitable for AR, VR, and XR headsets. This panel is made using a new fine silicon mask (FSM), which achieves higher pixel density than traditional fine metal masks (FMM) by employing semiconductor lithography through micropores.

samsung fine silicon mask display tech

Samsung also designed a robot to test the durability of OLED panels, capable of shaking a 7.6-inch foldable OLED panel in a water tank, sprinkling it with pepper and salt, scrubbing it with a wire brush, and pouring steel balls over it.

samsung oled testing robot

This technology highlights Samsung’s advancements in microdisplays and durability testing for OLED screens.

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Samsung Demonstrates 1.03-Inch, 3500ppi OLEDoS for XR Headsets

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