Sexual choice of women-dwindling!

Dwindling sexual choice of women

Sexual choice of women is essentially a personal issue concerning them but if we go by the results of this study then you may want to do a reality check ! The dwindling sexual choices of today’s women is a serious cause of concern for loyal males !

What is happening to the sexual choice of women today ?

This pic above though not very clear is an indication of the same sex trend that is among rise in today’s girls, as is evident from the above study. We now know that a compliment from an unknown girl/woman may mean more to a girl than a compliment for the same thing from her partner. Also we get to know that girls would like to see toned women as compared to toned men.
I think this is a wake up call for guys who pamper their girls too much, she may not even have real interest in you. So stop loosening the strings of your wallet and do something to change the Sexual choice of women !

Though on the surface it seems like another controversial issue but the truth remains that it is a real threat to culture an society as we know it today. Now please don’t take me up as an orthodox conservative person. I am all up for the Rainbow rights. I am also an active supporter of gender equality but this time the ante has been pushed too much, even for a liberal like me! Some will go on to say that this is a biased opinion but seriously which guy would like to see his girl getting happy over admiration from a fellow sex person while his feelings are ignored!
The rise of objectification of women in electronic media is also to be blamed. It is the thing which is maybe the root cause behind such abnormal changes !
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The writer needs to get his head cleared !
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Sexual choice of women-dwindling!

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  1. life is changing brother.It is a result of complex which girl's have and had due to male dominated society. When they get freedom they decide their own and now a days it happening most even in man too. Wind is changing.



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