Revolutionizing Customer Experience: Tata Capital Unveils Cutting-Edge AI Chatbot for Next-Level Engagement

Tata Capital, the financial services branch of the Tata Group, has unveiled a significant enhancement to their chatbot, TIA, with the integration of generative AI technology.

This move marks a substantial milestone in the adoption of cutting-edge technology to improve customer engagement.

Tata Capital has integrated the functionalities of Chat GPT and TIA to deliver an uninterrupted conversational encounter and contextual support for clients.

With the integration of ChatGPT, TIA’s capability to comprehend and react to client questions will significantly improve, allowing it to deliver personalized replies and on-demand help of exceptional quality. Customers will benefit from instantaneously delivered responses in Hindi and Hinglish, expanding the chatbot’s reach.

Abonty Banerjee, Chief Digital Officer of Tata Capital, expressed her enthusiasm for the development of AI technology within the organization. Generative AI possesses the capacity to revolutionize functions and amplify efficiency across industries.

The updated iteration of TIA, infused with ChatGPT competencies, was proudly announced by Banerjee, who anticipates an overwhelmingly favorable response from customers.

Initially presented in 2019, TIA serves as a user-friendly voice-based solution to address customer concerns regarding loan eligibility, processes, and associated matters. Utilizing speech recognition, natural language comprehension, and text-to-speech technologies, TIA streamlines communication.

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Revolutionizing Customer Experience: Tata Capital Unveils Cutting-Edge AI Chatbot for Next-Level Engagement

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