Tesla Cybertruck Reservations Soar: 1.96 Million Orders and Counting, Earning $196 Million in Deposits

According to reports on August 23 and from posts by electric vehicle analyst Sawyer Merrit posted on the X platform (formerly Twitter), we now know that the reservations for Tesla’s Cybertruck trucks have reached 1,962,941.

Sawyer Merritt said that since Tesla requires users to pay a deposit of USD 100 (which is fully refundable) when accepting reservations, Tesla has earned more than USD 196 million (Editor’s note: Currently about 16.26 billion INR) through the deposits of CyberTrucks.

We also noticed from the pictures shared by Merritt that 8.1 % of Cybertruck truck reservations are single motor versions, 44% are dual motor versions, 39.1% are three motor versions, and 8.8% are four motor versions.

sawyer meritt cybertruck reservations

Their estimated selling price ranges from USD 49,900 ( currently about INR 4.139 million) to USD 99,900 ( currently about NR 8.213 million )

Sawyer Merritt Believes that Nearly 2 million Cybertruck truck reservations have been done (including the accompanying FDS price) after final delivery, which will mean a value of USD 148.56 billion (currently about INR 12.325 trillion) for Tesla.

So guys are you excited about the upcoming Tesla CyberTruck? It has been a long time since it was announced and most general consumers are still waiting to get their hands on this vehicle. Do let us know your thoughts about the same in the comments below!

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Tesla Cybertruck Reservations Soar: 1.96 Million Orders and Counting, Earning $196 Million in Deposits

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