Revolutionary Audio Compression Tool TSAC by FFmpeg Creator Achieves Extreme Efficiency

Discover TSAC, a cutting-edge audio compression tool by Fabrice Bellard, enabling 3.5-minute stereo tracks to compress to just 192 KiB.

According to reports on April 12, we know that Fabrice Bellard, the father of FFmpeg has released an audio compression tool called TSAC.

TSAC can compress audio bitrates to very low levels, down to 5.5 kb/s for mono or 7.5 kb/s for stereo at 44.1 kHz, while maintaining good listening quality.

TSAC claims to be able to compress a 3.5-minute stereo song into a 192 KiB file.

The TSAC official website provides a series of original and compressed clips for users to compare and listen to:

TSAC is based on a modified version of the Descript audio codec extended for stereo and the Transformer model to further improve the compression ratio, both models are quantized to 8 bits per parameter.

tsac compression results

Because the compression process requires calling CUDA, an NVIDIA GPU must be used.

If only the CPU is used, the compression speed will be very slow, and the CPU must support the AVX2 instruction set.

Fabrice Bellard, the author of TSAC, is a very famous computer programmer in the industry.

Here is an introduction to Fabrice Bellard:

Fabrice Bellard was born in Grenoble, France in 1972.

While in high school, he developed the famous executable compression program LZEXE, which was the first widely used file compression program on DOS at the time.

He studied at the École Polytechnique in Paris and then at the École Supérieure de Telecom in Paris.

In 1997, he proposed the fastest algorithm for calculating pi.

In 2000, he created the FFmpeg project, a leading open-source multimedia framework used by most media players.

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Another important contribution of his is the writing of QEMU, a high-speed and cross-platform open-source emulator.

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Revolutionary Audio Compression Tool TSAC by FFmpeg Creator Achieves Extreme Efficiency

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