Survey Reveals 79.8% of U.S. Citizens Support Stringent AI Legal Regulations

A recent survey finds majority of American citizens advocate for strict legal oversight of AI to mitigate risks and prioritize.

Recently on April 11, 2024, we got to know about a notable survey conducted by the online marketing firm Authority Hacker, which illuminated the American public’s stance towards artificial intelligence (AI) regulation.

The survey, which involved a sample of 2,000 individuals, disclosed that a vast majority, approximately 79.8%, endorse the idea of implementing stringent legal regulations on AI technologies.

This preference stands firm even if such regulations could potentially slow the pace of AI innovations.

The blossoming of AI technologies, while offering immense benefits to humanity, concurrently introduces escalating risks.

Notably, generative AI has been misappropriated by malicious entities for deceiving the public and disseminating false information, underscoring the perilous aspects of emerging tech misuse as previously covered by us.

This survey highlighted a consensus among the public for the need for more rigorous regulations in the AI domain. People express a strong desire for future developments in AI to consider ethical and safety implications over the sheer speed of innovation.

When it came to the effectiveness of current AI regulatory frameworks, only 55.5% of respondents felt that existing measures were adequately managing AI risks.

An even smaller fraction, 14.55%, believed the effectiveness to be “very significant,” indicating substantial room for improvement in the regulatory landscape.

An overwhelming 80% of the respondents voiced a necessity for at least some degree of international norms or standards in AI regulation, reflecting a keen public interest in collaborative global governance of AI.

Moreover, the survey uncovered widespread unease regarding the use of personal data in AI training, with 82.45% of respondents expressing concern.

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This apprehension escalates to 91.96% among IT software professionals, highlighting critical public sentiments on privacy in the wake of AI’s advancement.

Concerning copyright matters, a significant 83.9% of survey participants believe that AI enterprises should be remunerated for copyrighted content.

This indicates a broad public expectation for fair compensation to creators in the digital age.

In a related study by Authority Hacker, it was found that nearly two-thirds of the world’s nations are actively pursuing AI governance initiatives.

The European Union and China are identified as frontrunners in establishing comprehensive AI regulations.

Among 195 surveyed countries, 32 have enacted comprehensive AI laws, 29 are in the process or have developed non-binding recommendations, and 53 are drafting provisions.

This extensive survey paints a vivid picture of the global and American perspectives on AI regulation, privacy concerns, and copyright issues, shedding light on the collective aspiration for ethical and secure AI development.

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Survey Reveals 79.8% of U.S. Citizens Support Stringent AI Legal Regulations

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