Windows 8 troll

Windows 8 troll. Now that’s the way we get our windows. ūüėÄ
Windows 8 trolled

Windows 8 troll

by Inspirons, you don’t mess with us ! xD
That’s the way we roll bitches !
True Story xD

Windows 8 (# Windows 8 troll) is the recent operating system by the Redmond Giant Microsoft and is creating ripples across the globe ! And we at Inspire2rise love to troll Microsoft! Windows 8 aims at uniting the ecosystems of tablet, personal computers, mobiles and we don’t know what more! Windows 8 will come in two versions one for the Intel¬†architecture and another for ARM based, the SURFACE hybrid tablet cum laptop PC runs he full version of Windows 8 i.e Windows 8 professional¬†and the SURFACE based on ARM has the windows rt version on it.

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Windows 8 is¬†breathtaking¬†in many aspects that it has a freshly revamped user interface and surprisingly enough it boots and shuts down extremely fast as opposed to it’s predecessors. It’s also¬†rumored¬†to be the first operating system which shall be available in a 128-bit version. Well as of for now we don’t have 128 bit capable cpu’s in every nook and corner. But it seems that adoption of this new architecture will not take more than two to three years. Windows 8 is a brave bold step towards a fresh live approach to an operating system, a move which Microsoft has the muscle power and ability to pull off.

Let’s see what will be the user verdict about this recent OS. As of for now we can only speculate whether industry wide adoption of ¬†Windows 8 will occur or not!

Learn more about  Microsoft will improve and optimize Windows 10 built-in UWP applications!

Stay tuned for more!

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Windows 8 troll

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