X-Silicon Launches RISC-V Based Open-Source C-GPU Architecture for Enhanced Low-Power Computing

Explore X-Silicon’s revolutionary C-GPU, combining RISC-V CPU cores with GPU acceleration for superior performance and energy efficiency in dynamic content rendering.

X-Silicon recently unveiled its groundbreaking C-GPU architecture, an open standard, low-power computing solution that integrates GPU acceleration with RISC-V vector CPU cores, offering a unified, single-processor answer to the needs of dynamic content management and rendering.

This novel architecture is designed to surpass the limitations of traditional GPUs by providing a hardware abstraction layer for register-level hardware access, along with the innovative NanoTile architecture for real-time data processing and dynamic graphic rendering.

Based in San Diego and founded in March 2022, X-Silicon’s initiative leverages open standards to fuse GPU accelerators with RISC-V vector CPU cores, featuring tightly coupled memory for a low-power, single-processor solution.

x silicon risc v architecture pipeline

The processor is engineered for optimal management and rendering of dynamic content, outperforming conventional GPU limitations through integrated AI/ML computations and GPU rendering. The efficiency and adaptability of NanoTile make it an ideal choice for executing advanced graphic algorithms.

X-Silicon has secured 14 patents, signifying a paradigm shift in AI/ML computations and GPU rendering. These patents concentrate on optimizing data flow between processing cores and memory, minimizing latency, and enhancing computational efficiency.

Moreover, the patented IP of NanoTile is deployable across edge and cloud configurations, facilitating the cultivation of unified GPU computing models while ensuring flexibility and scalability.

x silicon c gpu risc v new

This architecture not only promises to redefine the landscape of GPU computing but also establishes a new benchmark for the integration of processing power and energy efficiency, embodying the future of dynamic content management and rendering technology.

Source: X-Silicon’s low-power, open-standard, Vulkan-enabled C-GPU

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X-Silicon Launches RISC-V Based Open-Source C-GPU Architecture for Enhanced Low-Power Computing

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