Xiaomi Mi LED Wi-Fi smart bulb review and details!

Is this what you need for those cool lights at your home?

These days the number of choices that are available for customizing your home is plenty. But seldom do we get choices that are cost-effective and at the same time good looking for getting the job done.

The Xiaomi Mi LED Wi-Fi smart bulb is one such cost-effective product that really helps you to set the mood of your home with ease.

xiaomi led smart bulb wifi

The Mi LED smart bulb can easily be controlled via your smartphone if both devices are on the same Wi-fi network.

The bulb doesn’t come with a conventional B22 socket but you have to buy the B22 converter separately in order to make it worth with Indian bulb holders. But that accessory is pretty cheap and easy to get a hold of so it shouldn’t be much of an issue.

Here’s the official video by Xiaomi India which sheds some more light on how this bulb can effectively fit into your life.

Here’s a brief overview of the Mi Home app which can easily be used to control this light bulb.

The App can help the user to customize the color available, and the brightness of the bulb, schedule some features, and do a lot more with the bulb.

Xiaomi Mi LED Wi-Fi smart bulb Features and Specs

xiaomi mi home app control

Talking a little bit more about the technical specs of this bulb it comes with 800 lumens of brightness and is a 10 Watt bulb which gives it a better light output when compared to other 7 Watt bulbs present in the market.

Mi LED Wi-Fi Smart Bulb review

The Mi Smart LED bulb comes with support for Amazon Alexa assistant, and Google Assistant and is truly a smart voice-controlled bulb. Xiaomi claims that this bulb has a really long life of 11 years.

Whether it’s true or not would take at least 11 years of testing but right now let’s just take their word for it!

mi led smart wifi bulb review

The number of color temperature options is also quite a lot and depending upon what time of the day it is a user can easily change the color mood from warm to cool.

The bulb supports up to 16 million color combinations and there’s no requirement for a bridge to use this bulb. Here’s a direct comparison with a few competitor products posted by Xiaomi India.

mi led smart bulb comparison review

At a price of around 1299 INR, the Mi LED smart WI-FI bulb is a very cost-effective solution. It does offer a lot of smart options and features at competitive pricing and is a great addition for people looking to customize the lighting in their homes!

You can currently buy the bulb from Xiaomi’s official website i.e. Mi.com

So guys what do you think about the Xiaomi Mi LED Wi-Fi smart bulb?

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Xiaomi Mi LED Wi-Fi smart bulb review and details!

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