Xiaomi’s Upcoming Redmi Note 13 Series Phone Receives 3C Certification

A new Xiaomi Phone has received 3C Certification and it’s expected to be from the Redmi Note 13 Series, though details are yet unconfirmed

August 27th Report: Chinese Tech Reviewer Implies Imminent Launch of Redmi Note 13 Series.

In recent times, Lu Weibing from China has repeatedly assessed the Redmi Note series, leading users to speculate that the Redmi Note 13 series will be unveiled soon.

xiaomi redmi note 13 series 3c certification

During the previous week, two novel Xiaomi smartphones obtained network entrance licenses and radio approval from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The model names are 23090RA98C and 2312DRA50C, with the latter achieving 3C certification.

Based on the information from the 3C certification, this 5G mobile phone will be manufactured by Huizhou Guanghong Technology Co., Ltd. It will come with an MDY-14-ED charger as a standard feature, supporting rapid charging up to 120W.

redmi note 13 series 1

redmi note 13 series 2

Interestingly, the MDY-14-ED corresponds to the authentic 120W gallium nitride charger used for the Redmi K60 Pro, featuring a USB-A interface that facilitates a full charge of the Redmi K60 Pro’s 5000mAh battery in only 19 minutes.

According to the GSMA IMEI database, the model 23090RA98C belongs to the Redmi series, including global, Indian, and Chinese variants. The model’s prefix “2309” suggests a planned release in September 2023, with an official announcement anticipated in the near future.

Details from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology disclose that the 23090RA98C model will incorporate a 2.8GHz processor (likely Dimensity 7200) with support for various frequency bands.

redmi note 13 series 3

It will offer a maximum of 18GB RAM and 1TB storage but lacks compatibility with microSD card expansion. The device will come equipped with a 4880mAh battery and possess dimensions of 161.43×74.2×9.0mm, weighing roughly 203.96g.

redmi note 13 series 4

redmi note 13 series 5

Conversely, the 2312DRA50C model will integrate a 2.4GHz processor (possibly Snapdragon 7 Gen1) with a maximum of 18GB RAM and up to 1TB storage. Similar to its predecessor, it will not support microSD card expansion.

The smartphone will be accompanied by a 5020mAh battery and exhibit dimensions of 161.15×74.24×7.98mm, weighing approximately 187g.

Both models will feature a 6.67-inch OLED display with a resolution of 2712×1220px. The rear camera configuration is expected to comprise a triple camera system with 200MP+8MP+2MP, while the front will house a 16MP camera sensor.

A Chinese tech blogger previously shared a rendering of the Redmi Note 13 Pro+, which has been included as the featured image of this report. The forthcoming smartphone is rumored to showcase an exceedingly slim flexible straight screen, along with a square lens deco and a partition-style design.

Based on the rendering, the overall appearance of this new phone bears a remarkable resemblance to the Mi 13.

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Xiaomi’s Upcoming Redmi Note 13 Series Phone Receives 3C Certification

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