How to use Facebook to draw traffic to your Website

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Facebook as we all know is a very popular social network. Learn how to use facebook to draw traffic to your website now! It is the most used social network worldwide with an estimated 1 Billion + and counting user base. Whenever we start blogging at some point of time we all have to create a social following for our site. Facebook is the best place to get started. And knowing how to use facebook to draw traffic to your website is a plus point in every way.

How to use Facebook to draw traffic to your Website :-

From just simple to deeply social, all it takes is a few clicks and a focused brain. Learn now how to use facebook to draw traffic to your website.
Read on to know more.

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1.) Add Open Graph tags to site header.

Open graph tags are those mark up used by Facebook as well as  Twitter which allows your site to communicate with the Facebook site and allows Facebook to extract site meta data, and structured data. If you have already used it, you can check it here : Facebook Lint (Open Graph Tags checking) tool.
You can use the Yoast WordPress SEO plugin to add Open graph tags of both twitter and Facebook to your site!

2.) Install Facebook log-in for your own site using Facebook app.

If you haven’t made a Facebook app for your site already, it’s high time you do so. It’s very easy to create an App for your website.
Firstly, Log-In to Facebook with your account. In the search bar above type “How to create an app“.

For the more easy way, you can simply go here and read this guide by Facebook.

And now for my way, I will tell you how to create a basic app for your Fanpage/website.

Now after following the steps in above image go to the plugin you use, or use the official Facebook Plugin for WordPress. Transfer the API information and check if it’s connecting properly or not.

BEGINNER’S BEWARE : Only use the API once in a website. If you call the Facebook API many times on the same website it can create problems.

(You are reading - How to use Facebook to draw traffic to your Website.)

3.) Use Facebook pages to draw traffic.

If you haven’t made a Facebook Fan-page for your blog yet, then go away. Don’t read this post any further.
Well, jokes apart. It’s the first step any blogger should follow. A Facebook Fanpage with decent amount of “LIKES” can generate significant traffic daily, if handled the right way.

Create a Fanpage for your website. To increase virality use image posts and use links of your site’s post in the description. You can also tag the maximum no. of people i.e 50 to increase the post’s reach. If properly done, this step alone can bring 100-200 loyal visitors to your site daily, keeping the estimation of likes to be around 1000.  The greater the number of likes you accumulate, the greater will be the buzz you generate. You can either work on your fan-page yourselves or hire some experts to do so.

TIP : You can also say free brothers and sisters  to work for you on the Fanpage in exchange of candies! Lol, just kidding.

(You are reading - How to use Facebook to draw traffic to your Website.)

4.) Link your Facebook Fan page and twitter account.

Linking your Facebook Fanpage to twitter account is easy. And it saves you the hassle of putting the same posts on both the social networks over and over again. You post on your page and it gets tweeted in real time. Now that’s smart work.
Follow the steps in the image given below.

So now that you are done, and everything is up and running, it’s time to go social! Share as much as you can, spread the word. Who knows you may strike gold someday!
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(You are reading - How to use Facebook to draw traffic to your Website.)

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  • Ashwani Kumar Singh

    Thanks Aditya,
    Your Tutorial really helped me a lot in setting up my Facebook App..
    Ashwani Kumar Singh

  • Aditya Nath Jha

    Thank You, Ashwani! Glad to help.
    Stay inspired to risE!

  • Justice Bapadile

    Facebook can generate decent traffic.Like in my case I just posted status and a link on my Facebook page..That status has been viewed by a massive 1300 people within 2 hours but my FB page has just 100 likes..Many people have share it and I experienced 400 unique visits from that status alone..That is the power of Facebook page..Cheers!

    • Aditya Nath Jha

      Yes brother! It’s about whether your page is viral or not! Social is the way ahead!
      Stay inspired to rise brother! Happy blogging.

  • Prateek Gupta

    If someone has no younger brother or sister, what should he do ;)
    NIce Post :)

    • Aditya Nath Jha

      They should try talking their neighbour’s kids into action! xD
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  • Peter Lee

    This is a great read. Just curious… How did you find my site, Aditya? Facebook, Google+ or something else? :)

    • Aditya Nath Jha

      I found your site through Google+ . I have a friend, he shares your posts a lot! One day I accidently read one :D
      Keep visiting : Inspire2rise

      • Peter Lee

        Google+… Yeah! I figured! :)

  • IamRobin

    Yes i agree with you facebook is great source of traffic on a website, If the facebook page have a high no. of likes and most important thing is maintaining a facebook page not just creating it.

    Thanks for sharing :)

    • Aditya Nath Jha

      Yup, bro Keep visiting for more! :D

  • Janmejai

    thanks for the article…You should also consider adding Facebook Comment system…it also helps in driving traffic….

    • Aditya Nath Jha

      Well , it’s very good. But in our case it slowed down our slow Godaddy servers! :D

  • kelvin frank

    lean a lot from your tips. Facebook traffic is the bomb.

    • Aditya Nath Jha

      Yeah man, Facebook Traffic is the BOMB xD