2024 iPad Air Heavier Than Pro: Rethinking ‘Air’ Branding

Explore the surprising weight comparison of the 2024 iPad Air to the iPad Pro, challenging the expectations of Apple’s ‘Air’ series

As of May 8, 2024, Apple has long used the “Air” designation for its lighter and thinner products, like the MacBook Air, setting the expectation that the newly released iPad Air would follow suit.

However, this isn’t the case with the latest models. Surprisingly, both the 11-inch and 13-inch versions of the new iPad Air are heavier and slightly thicker than their iPad Pro counterparts.

Apple iPad

Specifically, the 11-inch iPad Air weighs 462 grams compared to the 444 grams of the Pro version, and the 13-inch model is 617 grams, with the Pro version at 579 grams.

During its release, Apple positioned the new iPad Air as a non-entry-level iPad, incorporating some of the Pro features for a broader audience, although not significantly cheaper.

Apple iPad Air

new iPad Air

According to The Verge, if the Air series is no longer the thinnest and lightest, perhaps it’s time for Apple to rethink its naming strategy, suggesting it could be called simply the “eleventh generation iPad” since the term carries specific connotations.

This naming issue is not just confined to iPads but extends to the MacBook as well, where the MacBook Air remains lighter and thinner compared to the MacBook Pro, despite the expanding product line, making Apple’s product naming increasingly perplexing.

The Verge notes that clear naming helps consumers easily understand product positioning. The success of the “Air” branding has been its ability to convey a sense of lightness.

If the new iPad Air is not the lightest, then perhaps Apple should consider a different naming approach to avoid confusion.

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2024 iPad Air Heavier Than Pro: Rethinking ‘Air’ Branding

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