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AMD 7nm mobile processors will be ready by end of 2019!

AMD 7nm mobile processors quarter 4 2019 launch

Recently AMD released their 3rd generation, Ryzen desktop processors. Simply because of their high price to performance ratio these processors have been met with critical acclaim. But now the obvious question on the horizon is that when will AMD 7nm mobile processors be launched?

amd ryzen 3rd gen ddr4 4200mhz

There were no particular official announcements regarding this as of yet. But new rumours do point towards a launch date!

According to OC3D, AMD is a “small company” that can only focus on a certain number of new products at a time. This means that the Zen 2 architecture will enter the mobile field only after the release of the server and desktop lineup.

AMD 7n mobile processors launch date

A new WccfTech report says that AMD’s next-generation Ryzen mobile chip will be ready in the fourth quarter of 2019 i.e. around November.

It is reported that AMD’s Zen 2 Mobile processors will be a major highlight of CES 2020. At that time, AMD will also bring low-power 7nm products to mobile users. The improvements are not only limited to performance front but also lower power consumption compared to AMD’s existing hardware.

amd ryzen apu lenovo thinkpad laptops

However, WccfTech’s source said the product is “Raven Ridge 7nm Refresh”, which may mean that AMD’s 7nm mobile processor is only the 7nm version of the Zen+ architecture. In terms of graphics capabilities, it is still hard to say whether it would sport the 7 nm Vega or Navi graphics!

So guys what do you think about the AMD 7nm mobile processors? Would this launch bring more powerful and affordable laptops soon? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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