AMD’s Navi4X GPUs Might Come Soon, New Generation Might Have no High End Models

As of August 4th, we know that the graphics card currently utilized by AMD makes use of the RDNA3 architecture, with the Navi 31 serving as the flagship GPU.

According to Kepler, a prominent individual known for leaking information on Twitter, it has been revealed that the upcoming Navi4x series of AMD’s next-generation GPU will not possess any high-end models, similar to what was observed in the case of AMD Polaris and RDNA1-generation GPUs.

navi 4 lineup high end gpu

Furthermore, the aforementioned source has stipulated that the Navi 3.5 series, which is an improved version of the current GPU, will only be utilized for internal GPU display. In line with previous reports from sources, AMD launched the RX 7000 series graphics card based on the RDNA3 architecture in 2022, which was developed using a 5nm process in addition to a 6nm process.

This product was also the first graphics card to have been designed with a small chip. It is noteworthy that the price of this graphics card has declined to approximately INR 80,720 or 7000 yuan.

amd gaming gpu architecture roadmap

In accordance with AMD’s official roadmap, it has been announced that the RDNA 4 architecture graphics card will be launched in 2024, with the implementation of a more advanced process.

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AMD’s Navi4X GPUs Might Come Soon, New Generation Might Have no High End Models

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