AMD RX 6750GRE Graphics Card: An Overclocked Version of the RX 6700 10GB acc. to Reports!

According to recent reports from various sources, including a post by Tech Leaker “Hoang Anh Phu” on August 25, AMD is set to release a new graphics card, the RX 6750GRE, which is believed to be an overclocked version of the existing RX 6700 10GB model.

Sources indicate that the RX 6750GRE will be priced similarly to the RTX 4060, and its performance is expected to be comparable to that of the RTX 4060 Ti. Previous reports have revealed that the RX 6700 10GB model is currently available only from select manufacturers.

This particular graphics card features a 2304 stream processor, with a maximum GPU Boost frequency of 2425MHz, 10GB of video memory, a 16Gbps memory frequency, and a 160-bit video memory interface width.

XFX is currently selling the RX 6700 10G Special Edition graphics card for 2199 Yuan (approximately INR 24,926) on Additionally, the Radeon RX 6750 XT 12G is also available for purchase, with a street price of around 3000 yuan (roughly INR 34,005).

Its specifications include 40 compute units, a GPU frequency of up to 2600MHz, 12GB 192bit GDDR6 memory, and an unlimited cache with an effective memory bandwidth of 1326GB/s.

The power consumption of the entire card is rated at 250W. Notably, the graphics card measures 267mm in length and occupies two slots.

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AMD RX 6750GRE Graphics Card: An Overclocked Version of the RX 6700 10GB acc. to Reports!

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