Android Q Beta 3 leads to crashes, devices restarting constantly!

Don’t update if you haven’t done it yet!

Android Q beta is fresh in the market and it has already started facing some issues. With the recent Android Q beta 3, a lot of developers and first mover users have faced unexpected restart issues. The biggest problem here is that the restarts are all random and can happen unexpectedly without warning.

From the results of some developer analysis, it’s now clear that the above situation is caused by Project Mainline. Project Mainline is the main update in the changelog of Android Q Beta 3.

google android q beta 3 restart issue

With Project Mainline Google’s goal is to provide security updates for users’ mobile phones as quickly, consistently and easily as possible.

Due to the increasing frustration of users, Google officially responded that it did find a forced restart of the device after running Project Mainline.

Google assures that these problems would be resolved in the Android Q Beta test version itself. So they will not appear in the official version.

In Project Mainline, there are a total of 14 Mainline components. These components involve security, privacy, and consistency. Under the new module component upgrade mechanism, you can upgrade more conveniently. Now routine tasks such as downloading, updating and installing apps through the Play App Store will be much easier!

So guys in case you are running the Android Q beta here’s a word of caution: Don’t upgrade to the beta 3 yet! Do let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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Android Q Beta 3 leads to crashes, devices restarting constantly!

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