User Reports Claim That Some Apple iPhone 15 Pro Screens and Bezels Are Not Perfectly Aligned

It hasn’t even reached most buyers’ hands yet and we already have so many issues!

The latest iPhone 15 series has been released, but it appears that even Apple cannot escape quality control issues. iphone 15 pro fingerprint issues Reports have emerged that the new titanium frame of the iPhone 15 Pro model is prone to discoloration due to finger oil stains, and there are also complaints about misaligned screens and frames. apple iphone 15 pro display alignment issues An anonymous source from Foxconn, Apple’s manufacturing partner, revealed to online leaker MajinBuOfficial that there may be a high number of defective units in the initial production run of the iPhone 15 Pro. apple iphone 15 pro quality control issues This claim was made in a tweet that included photos of the allegedly flawed device, showing a slight gap between the screen and frame.

While Apple has not publicly addressed these concerns at the time of this writing, they have issued a statement regarding the discoloration of the titanium frame.

According to Apple’s support documentation, wiping the device gently with a moist cloth will resolve the discoloration issue. However, it remains unclear how effective this solution will be for the alignment problem.

Despite these setbacks, many people still view Apple as one of the top smartphone producers.

It’s worth mentioning that new product launches often come with teething problems like this, and it’s likely that Apple will address them promptly.

Source: MajinBuOfficial on X

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User Reports Claim That Some Apple iPhone 15 Pro Screens and Bezels Are Not Perfectly Aligned

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