Apple’s officially started selling Kensington’s Mac Studio Locking Kit

Now you can ramp up the security for Apple’s most powerful computer

According to the latest reports on January 25th, Apple has started selling its Mac Studio Locking Kit for enhanced consumer safety. It is priced at USD 64.95. Apple has now started selling Kensington’s Mac Studio Locking Kit sale on its official website. It is specifically designed for Mac Studio, It has everything you need to secure your Mac Studio. This Kit installs in minutes with no tools required. It comes with a NanoSaver combination lock and locking plate adapter included. It also features a carbon steel cable with protective nylon sheathing that won’t block Mac ports. It has also been verified and tested for industry-leading standards. This locking kit is backed by a five-year limited warranty covered by Kensington. Kensington is a worldwide leader in laptop security locks so you can rest assured that your Mac is in safe hands.

What’s in the Box

item included in lock kit
  • Kensington’s NanoSaver® combination lock
  • Braided carbon steel cable with protective nylon sheathing
  • Locking plate adapter
  • Instruction guide

The material used in the kit

  • Cable Lock: It’s made up of Carbon Steel material with Protective Nylon Sheathing on top.
  • Lock Head Lock: Zinc
  • Die Cast Adapter: Zinc
  • Die Cast and MIM: Stainless Steel
The Kit is only compatible with the Mac Studio (2022) model for now, there might be an update to the Studio Model with the M2 Lineup of Apple chips soon but whether this current Kit would be usable with future Mac Studio models or not is something that only time would tell.
how kensington locking kit is being used on table
A demonstration of the Kensington Lock kit for Mac Studio in action.
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Apple’s officially started selling Kensington’s Mac Studio Locking Kit

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