Apple Partners with OpenAI: ChatGPT Coming to iOS 18

Apple collaborates with OpenAI to integrate ChatGPT in iOS 18, enhancing AI features such as emoji generation and automatic responses.

Mark Gurman, a Bloomberg reporter, revealed that Apple has reached an agreement with OpenAI to integrate generative AI features into the upcoming iOS 18 system.

Despite this collaboration, Apple continues negotiations with Google to potentially incorporate Gemini as an alternative option within iOS.

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Gurman noted that Apple plans to officially announce its partnership with OpenAI at the WWDC 2024 next month, where it is also expected to introduce an improved Siri voice assistant.

In addition, Gurman summarized several AI features set to debut in iOS 18, including automatic emoji generation and automated email/SMS replies. For more details, interested readers can refer to related articles.

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Apple Partners with OpenAI: ChatGPT Coming to iOS 18

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