ASUS Zenflash Review, Specifications and Price

Is dual Flash not working on your recently bought smartphone? And tired of all low light pictures and waiting for desired results? Well. Luckily for ASUS users, the company has now listened to the grievances of amateur photographers including people who love to capture memories.

A few months back at the launch of Zenfone 2, ASUS announced the arrival of ASUS Zenflash, a device that can help people click 400 times more bright pictures than your pre-installed flash on smartphones. As of now, the Zenflash is compatible with only Zenfone 2.

ASUS Zenflash overview, how to use it?

So Zenflash is basically a Xenon flash dongle that you can connect to your Zenfone 2 via a USB cable available with the device. There’s a separate connecting spot available on Zenfone and around 4 cm away one can connect Zenflash.

ASUS Zenflash review inspire2rise

The device is a compact box, rectangular in shape. It consists of one lens and a long wide flash to give you that extra brightness for pictures. From the backside, a system for a mounting mechanism is available. The Mount mechanism is when you have to attach the device to the back side of your Zenfone 2.

For installation, you first have to apply a layer of plastic sheet available with ASUS Zenflash on your device. The plastic sheet’s adhesive side is reusable and once done, the back side of Zenflash has suction cups to climb the plastic sheet.

Now there are two sensors available on Zenflash, one for capturing light from the LED to recognize the moment when light hits. The second sensor is to measure ambient light to adjust the required power from Zenflash.

When it comes to performance, on paper ASUS claims that if you use Zenflash, your pictures would be 400 times brighter. And the paper’s claims have turned out to be true. If you try and test the device in a dark room, the results would be excellent!

The only drawback areas of Zenflash are the overall design and mount mechanism (where the device climbs on the plastic sheet). You may come across times when the device might be dangling on a wire which is a little uncomfortable. Otherwise, the device is pretty great to use and an inexpensive one too!

Here’s our review video of the ASUS Zenflash in action, wherein you can see the whole working of this accessory and judge the performance for yourself!

The Zenflash would be available soon for the public to buy for a price upwards of 1k INR, it hasn’t been made public as of yet.

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ASUS Zenflash Review, Specifications and Price

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