Troll Dev

Baba troll dev
Who needs SWAG, when you know YOGA 😛 xD

The Baba troll dev is our’s brand ambassador ! 😀

Who needs swag when you can do every f***ing move in the world 😛 xD

Do you know that Trolls are good for health. It takes just a second to like, and another minute to share. Go spread happiness. Maybe you may make someone’s day.

Talking about our brand ambassador. His origins are quite mysterious. He was made keeping in mind fun, humor and above all some hint of craziness.

As you can see in the below picture. The effect of brand ambassador Baba T-r-o-l-l Dev is just too far and wide.

troll dev effect trolls

Do it like this way. There ain’t no escape from the charm of the Baba. Brace yourself. He is coming for you.

Stay tuned for more Inspire2rise troll images and our trolls productions. Our artists work day and night just for you.  Share us spread the fun.

Baba’s favourite quote goes like this,

“I Take The USB From The Laptop
Without Safely Removing It Because
I Like Danger.. !!!!!”

Enough of the trolling Baba’s got a motivational message for the youth of our country.

“This is life. People will screw you
over. You’ll fight with your family.
You’ll witness things that will change
you forever. You’ll blame new lovers
for things old lovers did. You’ll lose
best friends you thought would
always be there. You’ll come to
realize that everyone has a past.
You’ll cry, you’ll laugh, and you’ll
embarrass yourself. But then, you’ll
find your very own moment where
none of that matters; where you can
sit back and realize that shit
happens to the people who can
handle it and that this is who you
are, and that no one should want to
change you, including yourself.”

What’s your take, let us know in the comments section below.

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Troll Dev

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