Backlash Against New iPad Pro Ad from Arts Community

New iPad Pro promotional video faces criticism from artists including Hugh Grant, sparking a debate on its portrayal of creative expression.

On May 7, Tim Cook shared a new promotional video for the iPad Pro, which has since received considerable backlash. The video showcases a hydraulic press compressing various materials into the shape of the new iPad Pro, intending to symbolize the device’s capacity to meet the creative demands of artists and users. However, this concept has not been well-received.


Prominent figures in the arts have openly criticized the video.

hugh grant on new ipad pro ad

Hugh Grant, the British actor, commented that the video “destroys human historical experience.”

Cheo Hodari Coker, writer of the film “Creed II,” and Ed Solomon, known for his work on “Bill & Ted” and “Men in Black,” also expressed their disapproval.

cheo hodari coker apple ad comments

Furthermore, Reed Morano, an Emmy-winning director, did not mince words in her critique.

These critiques highlight a general sentiment that the advertisement may have missed its intended mark by potentially oversimplifying or misrepresenting the historical and cultural achievements it aimed to portray.

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Backlash Against New iPad Pro Ad from Arts Community

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