Power Up Your Game: EU Mandates Replaceable Batteries for Handheld Devices, Even the Nintendo Switch!

The recent news regarding the EU’s stringent battery regulations has garnered significant attention, with the requirement for iPhones to have a removable battery gaining public support.

However, the scope of the EU’s influence is far-reaching and not limited to mobile phones, as recent reports from foreign media suggest.

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In accordance with the newly adopted EU regulations, effective from 2027, all new mobile phones and handheld gaming devices sold within the EU region must be equipped with replaceable batteries.

In precise terms, “replaceable battery” refers to the battery of the device being easily removable using commercially available tools. If such tools are not readily available, manufacturers must provide special tools at no additional cost.

This implies that handheld devices such as the Switch and SteamDeck, in addition to smartphones, must consider the convenience of battery replacement during the design stage.

Furthermore, this new regulation provides users with the right to replace their own battery when the battery’s performance declines, instead of solely relying on official or third-party maintenance channels as currently practiced.

In essence, this regulation empowers users to take control of their devices’ maintenance and longevity.  

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Power Up Your Game: EU Mandates Replaceable Batteries for Handheld Devices, Even the Nintendo Switch!

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