Driving into the Future: General Motors and Google Collaborate to Integrate Conversational AI in Cars

On August 30th, General Motors made an official announcement regarding their collaboration with technology giant Google. The partnership aims to leverage AI capabilities in automobiles, with GM and Google Cloud engaging in extensive cooperation focused on generative AI.

GM plans to integrate Google’s “intent-recognition algorithms” into its In-Vehicle Assistant (IVA) system. This integration will enable OnStar users to receive answers to common queries, as well as assistance with routing and navigation.

general motors ai initiatives
Source: General Motors Official Website


Expressing his views on the collaboration, Mike Abbott, Vice President of General Motors, emphasized the potential of AI to transform the interactive experience both inside and outside the vehicle.

He also highlighted the benefits of their software-led approach, which not only enhances service delivery to customers but also improves efficiencies across the entire GM enterprise.

Mercedes-Benz and Microsoft had previously announced their joint efforts to expand AI utilization in Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

Their focus was on integrating AI technology into the vehicle’s voice control system, with the aim of providing car owners a ChatGPT-like experience through Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI service.

In the Chinese market, automotive companies such as Xpeng and Great Wall have also been gradually incorporating AI into their vehicles.

In a recent development, Great Wall Motor partnered with Apollo Wenxin, becoming the first application exploration partner to integrate the Apollo Wenxin large language model into their vehicles.      

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Driving into the Future: General Motors and Google Collaborate to Integrate Conversational AI in Cars

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