Google Chrome official 64bit version for Android started rolling out!

It’s out now, finally!

In July last year, Google started testing the 64-bit Chrome browser on Android. It has been 6 years since the first 64-bit Android system was launched.

Today, Google said that it has begun to officially deploy the browser software, and eligible devices can upgrade to this experience.

There are two hard requirements for so-called qualified smartphones, namely:

1. They should be running Android 10 and above

2. They should have at least 8GB of RAM

google chrome for android 64 bit

Check the Chrome version by entering chrome://version in the address bar to confirm whether you are running the 64-bit version.

The advantage of the 64-bit is that it improves the performance of the software and it also allows to better schedule memory usage.

Starting in August this year, the Google Play Store will no longer accept submissions of 32-bit programs. Starting in 2020, some high-end ARM processors will only support 64-bit applications.

google chrome 64 bit official android

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Google Chrome official 64bit version for Android started rolling out!

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