Google Chrome Browser New API Is Now Here, Will Allow Sidebar to Run Various Extensions

According to the latest update on May 27th, Google Chrome’s desktop version is going to introduce an exciting new feature. The sidebar of the browser will soon be able to run various extensions that adhere to the Manifest V3 specification.

This feature will be in addition to the already available options of displaying bookmarks and reading lists. The availability of extensions will provide users with a more customizable browsing experience.

google chrome global side panel

To enable extensions to implement various accessibility features in the sidebar, Google has introduced a new Chrome Side Panel API. This API allows extensions to call multiple accessibility features that can be added to the sidebar. This will make it easier for users to access these features while browsing.

During a demonstration, Google showcased a dictionary application that displayed the corresponding translation of a selected word on the side panel.

This feature will be beneficial, especially for users who frequently visit foreign-language websites. The dictionary application can be accessed through an extension, which can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store.

google chrome sidepanel sidebar

Google has confirmed that the sidebar will have access to all Chrome APIs, which means that extensions can access and control many features of the browser.

Additionally, users can choose where the panels appear – on the left or the right side. This customization option allows users to use the browser in a way that suits their preferences.

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Google Chrome Browser New API Is Now Here, Will Allow Sidebar to Run Various Extensions

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