Google Fights Epic’s Play Store Opening Demand in Court

Google contests Epic’s request to open up Play Store, arguing it threatens competition, privacy, and security, amid ongoing legal battles.

On May 5, 2024, according to Reuters, Google has requested the federal court in San Francisco to dismiss Epic’s demands for opening up the Play Store, arguing that such measures would nearly incapacitate Google from competing effectively.

Wilson White, Google’s head of Government Affairs and Public Policy, stated that Epic’s demands could harm consumers, developers, and device manufacturers by compromising their privacy, security, and overall experience.

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Google’s submission further mentioned that the Play Store settlement agreements already reached with various states and consumers address the anti-competitive accusations made by Epic during the trial, making Epic’s request for an injunction unnecessary.

Previously, in December last year, Epic achieved a landmark victory against Google in an antitrust lawsuit.

The jury, led by Donato, unanimously ruled that Google held and abused a monopolistic position in the markets for the Play Store and in-app payment services, harming Epic Games.

Google agreed to pay $700 million to settle lawsuits with states and promised to allow more billing options for in-app purchases among other reform measures.

This April, Epic urged a federal judge in California to force Google to open its Play Store to more competition, proposing allowing competitors’ third-party app stores to be distributed for six years and limiting Google’s ability to sign exclusivity agreements with device manufacturers against pre-installing competitor app stores.

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Google Fights Epic’s Play Store Opening Demand in Court

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