Google’s Rumored Acquisition of HubSpot to Challenge Microsoft’s Cloud Market Position

Google may have plans to acquire HubSpot, aiming to strengthen its competition with Microsoft in the cloud market.

On May 30th, multiple sources indicated that Google plans to acquire HubSpot to strengthen its competitiveness against Microsoft in the enterprise cloud application market.

According to a Reuters report on April 24th, Google’s parent company Alphabet has been in discussions with Morgan Stanley’s investment bankers about a suitable acquisition plan and regulatory approvals for the transaction.

alphabet google might acquire hubspot

Bloomberg reported on May 9th that negotiations between Google and HubSpot are ongoing, though the deal is not yet finalized, and there may be another potential buyer.

David Faber of CNBC hinted at the acquisition’s possibility, stating,

“There are persistent reports about HubSpot negotiating with Google. From what I understand, Alphabet’s all-stock acquisition of HubSpot is very likely.”

Currently, HubSpot is valued at approximately $30 billion. If successful, this will be the largest transaction in Alphabet’s history this year.

hubspot stock price google acquistion rumors

Unlike Salesforce and Oracle, which focus on large clients, HubSpot primarily develops marketing software for small and medium-sized businesses, making it an ideal investment for Google.

Statista data shows that in Q1 2024, the largest market share in this field belongs to AWS at 31%, followed by Microsoft Azure at 25%, and Google Cloud at 11%.

Upon completion, Alphabet will enter the small and medium-sized business market, providing vital data to help streamline AI integration into its native search engine.

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Google’s Rumored Acquisition of HubSpot to Challenge Microsoft’s Cloud Market Position

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