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Hike Messenger launches the All New Hike 5.0


(Article contributed by Aditya Choudhary. Find him here.)

Hike Messenger rolled out its brand new update in New Delhi at an event on Tuesday, the new Hike 5.0. With brand new features and complete revamp, it will roll out to its users this week. Also with its new UPI-based payment update, it has smashed all the other messengers in the face. With Hike 5.0, Hike introduces Hike Wallet, making money a new form of social  expression

Hike 5.0 Features:

First, let’s start with all the new features. It is coming with colorful app themes and night mode which is basically adopted from WhatsApp plus. The timeline feature is coming back again and we can post photos, texts, videos and can share links too. Unlike the story feature, the posts won’t disappear after 24 hours. Also, a post can be liked multiple times by a single user and commented too. One new addition to the new update was ‘Magic Selfie’ which lets you click radiant photos. It is just a minor update to the photo editing feature of the hike.

Now moving on to the major update which the ‘HIKE’ is all about.

Hike Wallet:

Most importantly, Hike introduces hike wallet. Yes, it’s a cliché as we already have so many platforms which have wallets and payment feature. It will make payments and transfers from bank to bank through Hike possible. It will come equipped with Unified Payment  Interface(UPI) for payments. You can also send money from wallet to wallet. Users can now also recharge their phone and bills right from inside hike. Basically, this is a step to reduce usage of phone memory and developing an all in one app.

One of the new features  is  blue packets which are for the special occasions. It is a beautifully designed envelope where users can send money to their friends and family on festive days. It can also be sent to a group on hike but the catch is that it will disappear after 24 hours. You can select the number of people you want the money sent to,  and the rest will work on first come first serve basis.

Overall the new update seems to be built for the convenience of users. Some of the features are just a replica of other apps and some are new and revamped. Otherwise the new update seems just fine. We have to wait till it comes out in the  market and then see what’s in the box of chocolates. The new update 5.0 will roll out to the users this week. iOS users will get it by the end of July.

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