Intel Alder Lake P mobile processor and desktop processors coming soon!

Intel Alder Lake-P mobile processor announcement: up to 6+8 cores!

Recently, Intel held an Architecture Day event and announced more details of the 12th-generation Core processor. This generation of processors, code-named “Alder Lake”, is divided into the Alder Lake-P series for mobile platforms and the Alder Lake-S series for desktop platforms. Among them, the suffixes of mobile platform products no longer distinguish the low-voltage version of the U series and the standard pressure H series, and the letter “P” is used instead.

The 12th-generation Core processor adopts the large and small core architecture for the first time, which is divided into Performance: high-performance large cores and Efficient: energy-saving small cores, with up to 8 large cores + 8 small cores. Specifically, the low-voltage processor of the mobile platform has up to 2 large cores + 8 small cores (the letter A represents the Atom core); the mobile standard processor has up to 6 large cores + 8 small cores. Both types of products will be equipped with the Iris Xe architecture graphics display.

intel alder lake mobile and desktop skus

The Alder Lake-S series desktop processors are also divided into two categories. Entry-level products will not use large and small core designs and provide up to 6 large cores; while the flagship model is expected to be the i9-12900 series, which will have 8 large cores + 8 Small cores.

intel alder lake processors

We have also learned that the configuration Intel announced today is in line with the previous rumours. In addition, the officials have also stated that the 12th generation processors only support the AVX512 instruction set, so this feature is not enabled by default, and the OEM can decide whether to enable the AVX512 instruction set for the processor.

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Intel Alder Lake P mobile processor and desktop processors coming soon!

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