Intel Core i5 10600K specifications and performance details!

It fully surpasses i7-8086K in performance, closer to Ryzen 5 3600X!

The 10th Generation Intel desktop processor lineup is out now. The top performer in the series is the Core i9 10900K, which would be priced around 43-44K INR and is the flagship processor. Obviously it exceeds the budget of most players. In contrast, the new generation of Core i5 processors is more in line with the needs of the public.

The biggest difference in the tenth-generation Core i5 processor from previous generations is that it adds hyper-threading support to the i5 processor for the first time and further increases the frequency. Therefore, in terms of specifications, the i5-10600K processor has surpassed the eighth-generation flagship processor Core i7-8086K.

The Core i5 10600K processor is designed with 6 cores and 12 threads, 12 MB L3 cache. It will come with a base frequency of 4.1GHz. The turbo boost frequency is 4.8 GHz. And there’s full core frequency of 4.5 GHz. In addition, unlike the previous i5 processor, the TDP of the i5-10600K is up to 125W. Such a high TDP can easily allow it to reach the full-core 4.5 GHz frequency under high load even on the B460 motherboard.

Intel Core i5 10600K specifications

From the specification point of view, i5-10600K and i7-8086K are relatively similar. Both have 6 cores and 12 threads, 12MB level 3 cache. The only advantage of i7-8086K is the highest core frequency of 5.0GHz. In other aspects, such as full core frequency, basic frequency, and TDP, i5-10600K is in a leading position.

Another difference is that i7-8086K has silicone grease heat conduction, while i5-10600K uses brazing heat conduction, which has this absolute advantage in temperature control.

Compared with i5-10600K and i5-9600K, the two show a gap reminiscent of i7 and i5.

The i5-10600K processor is indeed very powerful! After adding the hyper-threading function, with this higher frequency, it has surpassed the eighth-generation top i7-8086K processor in performance.

The previous 8th generation and 9th generation Core i5 processors can only be described in terms of multi-thread performance when facing the new generation Zen 2 architecture Ryzen 5 3600X, while the new generation i5-10600K processor has better single-threaded too. In terms of performance, it can lead the competing Ryzen chip by 3%, and multi-threading is only 4%. It can be regarded that the theoretical performance of the two is at the same level.

In terms of gaming performance, i5-10600K is 3% stronger than i7-8086K. As for Ryzen 5 3600X, the current Zen 2 architecture is not particularly suitable for playing games. It may take a while until the Zen 3 architecture can reverse the situation.

Due to the internal use of brazed and thermally conductive materials, the temperature control of i5-10600K is also quite good. Even if the processor is overclocked to 5.0GHz, the temperature does not exceed 80 degrees. This is far stronger than all eighth-generation Core processors.

The current overseas price of i5-10600K is $262, and the domestic selling price is expected to exceed 21K INR. Of course, for users who do not like the price, the Core i5-10400F at the price of 14-15k INR may be a better choice.

So guys do let us know what you feel about this latest processor from Intel in the comments below!

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Intel Core i5 10600K specifications and performance details!

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