Intel core i7 10710u leaked online, 1.1GHz-4.7GHz clockspeed & more!

Is this the next in the lineup of Intel CPUs?

Intel has been hard at work ever since AMD has announced the Ryzen 3 lineup and took a great share of the desktop market from them. But Intel has had a major lead in the laptop market. The major laptop manufacturers are still really reluctant to include Ryzen mobile chips as they are yet unproven from a longevity perspective. But AMD also has been closing the gap really soon. This is because of the fact that they bring embedded solutions with better graphics performance than their Intel counterparts. Whether Intel can change that with their upcoming 10th generation CPU lineup is something that’s yet to be seen.

Recently new leaks have arrived via reputed Tech publication NotebookCheck which showcase the new Comet Lake U family of chips by Intel. Let’s take a closer look at them. These reports suggest Intel’s tenth generation Comet Lake-U processor will be released on September 1st and the specifications and frequencies etc. have also come out in the open.

intel comet lake u leaked specifications
The leaked image with the relevant details about the CometLake lineup!

It is worth noting that the i7-10710U in this list would be Intel’s first low-voltage 6-core, 12-thread processor. Due to the increase in the number of cores, the base frequency has dropped to 1.1GHz, but due to the “mature” 14nm process, the core frequency can still reach 4.7GHz. In addition, the 12 MB L3 cache has also increased from the previous generation’s 8 MB. From this point of view, this low voltage i7 is more like the 15W i9 processor.

Here are the Comet Lake-U parameters:

Intel Core i7-10710U: 1100 base – 4700 MHz boost, 6 cores/ 12 threads, 12 MB cache memory.

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Intel Core i7-10510U: 1800 base – 4800 MHz boost, 4 cores/ 8 threads, 8 MB cache memory.

Intel Core i5-10210U: 1600 base – 4200 MHz boost, 4 cores/ 8 threads, 6 MB cache memory.

Intel Core i3-10110U: 2100 base – 4100 MHz boost, 2 cores/ 4 threads, 4 MB cache memory.

So, guys, this is the list of the upcoming low power chips by Intel. Expect to see all of these chips in laptops by quarter four of this year. There might be an i9 variant as well of this chip. That may come with even higher TDP and more cores along with better performance as well.

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Intel core i7 10710u leaked online, 1.1GHz-4.7GHz clockspeed & more!

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