Intel Dual Screen Concept Notebook showcased at Computex!

With Double Hinge design and more!

Recently, Intel announced a concept laptop with two screens in a semi-secret lab located in the headquarters of Santa Clara.  This Intel Dual Screen Concept Notebook stole the show at the Computex!

At the recent Taipei Computer Show, ASUS released a dual-screen notebook. Soon after this Intel also announced a concept laptop with two screens with double hinges.

intel dual display laptop prototype
Image credits: TheVerge

Intel Dual Screen Concept Notebook: More details!

The notebook, codenamed Honeycomb Glacier, has a 15.6-inch 1080p main screen and a 12.3-inch second screen with a resolution of 1920 x 720. Now with the second screen of the laptop, the second screen is placed flat. This leads you to look down when you look at the second screen. Intel Honeycomb Glacier will not have such a problem. This notebook features a unique double hinge design.

intel dual screen concept notebook
Image credits: TheVerge

Intel said that the hinge works as follows: When you lift the screen, it automatically supports any angle you need, thanks to the mechanical one-way roller clutch when you want to fold it. You can release the clutch by pressing a black button on the left side so that you can lower the screen.

Finally, another additional info is that this dual-screen concept notebook will not be for sale anytime soon on the market. Let’s just wait and see as to what happens! Right now this product looks really interesting and might change the design for future laptops and more!

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Intel Dual Screen Concept Notebook showcased at Computex!

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