iOS 12 gets grouped notifications and other Jokes from the WWDC 2018

Hello there Apple fans and aficionados, we all eagerly await for improvements to Apple products and services year after year. And boy, does apple deliver, it delivers big time! (Pun intended.)

So iOS 12 was announced day before yesterday, it comes with a lot of things which Android users have taken for granted over the course of years.

Things like grouped notifications, smoother performance and faster animations! Cough OnePlus smartphones, cough! 😛

So let’s discuss all of the changes Apple announced and have a hearty laugh while we tinker with the endless open ecosystem we have got in the form of Android. 

1.) Faster Performance

So Apple’s first announcement was that iOS 12 will be significantly faster on all the iPhones. That means they have indirectly admitted that iOS 11 was slow and buggy as hell.

On my iPhone SE I had to select “Reduce motion” and “Reduce transparency” and few other options just in order to make it usable throughout the day.

So most probably all of these iPhones would finally become usable after the iOS 12 update.

2.) Measure

This application uses AR capabilities of the iPhone in order to do approximate measurement of real life objects around you. I have no qualms against this. I believe it’s quite futuristic and even Android needs something like this soon!

3.) Stocks App

They have redesigned the Stock app big time and made it much more useful for the pros out there. Yaayayay, stock market here I come! 

4.) Voice Memos 

The Voice memos app has been redesigned. But personally I would have loved an option to select the bit rate of my recordings, the option to record Stereo or Mono, the option to select sampling quality etc.

There’s so much to recording audio on a smartphone other than just pressing the record button. Simple is not always better.

If you have ever used the Titanium Audio recorder app on an Android smartphone you would get the above point completely.

5.) Screen Time

This feature would remind you to put down your smartphone if you are over indulging. But frankly that snooze button’s gonna come in real handy a lot of times! 😛

P.S. it’s a great initiative but Apple is a little bit late at this game right now.

6.) Animoji with Tongue detection

Now don’t you start getting any naughty ideas. These animojis are just meant to be used for fun and creative purposes. Pun intended! I wonder how many iSheep will try to lick their iPhones just to see whether the tongue detection actually works or not. xD

7.) Group FaceTime

This feature was sorely needed since a long time. We can criticise them all day for such late addition but at least finally they did! 

8.) USDZ file format for easy AR Collaboration across platforms

The very fact that Apple has support for a new file format which is cross-platform and not tied down to their own systems is something I personally love. Hence no leg pulling for this.

9.) Apple Photos

Now we all know that all of the sort and search features added to the Photos app are just a half-hearted and late attempt to catch up to the beautiful beast of an App/service that Google Photos is.

10.) Siri Opening up

Apple has claimed that Siri is the most popular digital assistant in the world. Let me just dial down the laughter a little bit. The above metric might simply be because of the huge number of devices running iOS and macOS but in terms of real world intelligence Siri is nowhere close to its competitors. It would now support Third party app integration too for deeper level of integration with iOS 12 functions.

11.) Shortcuts

There would be a dedicated Shortcuts application which would allow users to string a chain of commands. A functionality which the competition already has. So it feels like “Too little and too late!”

12.) Apple Carplay to support Google Maps and Waze

This was much-needed as honestly Apple Maps never really took off and turn by turn navigation was really painful before.

13.) iBooks is now Apple Books

Such name change, much innovation! Wow.

The Apple books app will have an improved design and would focus more on discoverability of new titles.

So this was it for today’s laughter therapy session. Or do you think that iOS 12 would be perfect and have no issues?

Then let us know in the comments section below and all of us will mock you in unison! 😛

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iOS 12 gets grouped notifications and other Jokes from the WWDC 2018

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