Is AMD Launching RX 7600 Desktop Graphics Card?

GPU Board Named “D707” Has Been Registered

Last year AMD launched the RX 7900 XTX and 7900 XT flagship graphics cards. The next desktop graphics card in line up might be the RX 7600 and other models with Navi 33 GPU.

AMD RX 7600
Source: NRRA

As shown in the image above AMD has registered the latest D707 GPU motherboard in South Korea. Currently, it is temporarily impossible to determine which graphics card it is but we can guess on the basis of the previously launched models. For reference, the GPU motherboard for RX 7900 XTX was D702 and the motherboard for RX 7900 XT was D704.

According to VideoCardz, Last year at CES AMD released the RX 7700 and 7600 notebook graphics cards, which used the Navi 33 GPU. Therefore, foreign media have speculated that AMD’s upcoming desktop graphics card, RX 7600 series will also use the Navi 33 GPU.

According to the previous leaks, AMD RX 7600 and 7600 XT desktop graphics cards are based on Navi 33. They have 28 and 32 Control Units, 32 MB of IC, and are equipped with 8 GB of video memory with a 128-bit bit width bus and consume 140/180W TBP ratings respectively.

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Is AMD Launching RX 7600 Desktop Graphics Card?

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