Kuhu’s Planet – Zing the Zompires Smartphone Game Review

Tired of Candy Crush and Subway Surfers? Here’s a new refreshing game for you. Kuhu’s Planet- Zing the Zompires; Shoot for Love is an endless shooter game. The only difference is that you shoot for love, not to kill.

Background Story:

The Kuhus is a community that lives on Kuhu Planet harmoniously. But their home is invaded by Zompires who have teeth like vampires and zombie eyes. But since Kuhu’s are peaceful creatures, they do not believe in harming others. They don’t shoot, they zing the Zompires and turn them into lovable Kuhus just like them. But make sure not to shoot back the Kuhus.

The user scores at the number of zings and distance at which they have shot the Zompires.

Unlike other games, this game doesn’t have a limited number of shots. It is endless fun and you can also discover the slow-mo effect. The game currently ranks in the top 20 new adventure games in the Google Play store.

The Game was named Kuhu’s Planet after the game developer Akshay Mahna’s little niece Kuhu’s name. It’s fun and has simplistic, easy gameplay. It’s currently in the Top 25 games in the Top new free Adventure games in the Google Play store!

Here’s the gameplay video for the game:

Game Play and Features for Kuhu’s Planet:

• Shoot to Zing the Zompires which converts them to Kuhus.

• Don’t shoot the Kuhus.

• The farther the target, the more points you get.

• Mystery Zing can give you more than 100 points.

• Endless fun

• Discover the incredible Slow-mo effect.

• Score Double Points.

• Get Unlimited Shots.

Kuhu’s Planet is available for Free on iPhone/iPad and Android

Download Now On iPhone/iPad

Download Now On Android

Visit http://www.kuhusplanet.com


Kuhu’s Planet – Zing The Zompires is created solely by Akshay Mahna. For further information please contact akshay@kuhusplanet.com

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Kuhu’s Planet – Zing the Zompires Smartphone Game Review

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