Launching Date and other rumors of iOS 8 by Apple

iOS 8 is the next version of Apple’s iPhone and iPad operating system which is at present being developed and is in speculation nowadays. Along comes iPhone 6 with iOS 8 operating system, on  the verge of its launch. In the coming year it is expected to come with new additional features including refinements to earlier developed iOS 7 operating system by Apple Inc.

Recent Development in Apple:-

iOS 8 conceptsIt has been recently confirmed that iOS 8 is being publicly shown in June for the first time and shall be released later in the month of September in the market as per the latest news, wherein we also believe that iOS 7 was recently launched and yet we deem that iOS 8 is in the news already. There is a certainty as the rumors are likely to be true about the release post mid-year 2014.

iOS 7 was launched with a great look and feel. It was a tribute to the recent development in the industry, the flat user interface trend by Apple. Since iOS 7 is history, people are now looking forward to what new could iOS 8 bring into our lives.

Upcoming New Features in iOS 8:-


High speculation is about the healthbook application in the iOS 8 which would work with iwatch, is being a high anticipation.

The app is being rumored to serve on the basis of

  • Steps taken.
  • Calories burned.
  • Distance covered by walking.
  • Monitor Blood pressure.
  • Hydration Levels.
  • Heart rate and several other important things.

It is believed that apple has hired many medical-based experts and high-ranked officers and working together with other experts on the M7 chip, wherein M7 being the latest introduction in the iPhone 6.

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Now let’s talk about this M7 chip and what purposes it serves:-

M7 chip brings you to the world of providing new generation benefits of health and fitness app for monitoring your health metrics closely.

The recent mock-ups were released which states that “HealthBook” app will come together in conjunction with Iwatch which unfolds the new world of different health elements.

Notification New Tab

Another improvement which is being speculated by the apple is in the area of notifications and also in the communication center which isn’t a distant memory. It appears that missed section of the notification section can be seen with a whole new tab namely “All tab” which basically states all the notifications keeping in mind the better communication between the apps.

Mass-Transit-Friendly Apple Maps:-

The Third improvement is being contemplated in the area related to maps functionality of IOS which has always been in question. It is supposed that the apple will come up with Mass- Transit-Friendly Apple Maps.

iTunes Radio:-

iTunes Radio as an Individual app is another hypothetical stand-alone feature being introduced for the very first time which would complete amongst popular steaming programs wherein iTunes Radio is pre-installed and offers a list of “featured stations”.

Preview and TextEdit Feature:-

Another Improvement is in the area of the upcoming Preview and TextEdit app which will allow customers to sync their files with iCloud. It is considered to the well-organized way to keep your files and photos secure.


Launching Date and other rumors of iOS 8 by Apple iphone

There are numerous assumptions and rumors since the day news of iOS 8 has come into public view, either it’s regarding the release date or the introductory applications .

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The reports states that the operating system will be launched with new and improved functions with lots of predictions and expectations about the operating system being made, which is definitely worth-waiting for its users.


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Launching Date and other rumors of iOS 8 by Apple

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