Google plays April fool prank on users

Google Inc. is a large company and more so is often percieved as a dominating, monopolisitic warlord type of corporation because of it’s policies and practices. But that doesn’t mean that the people at Google don’t know how to have fun. Even they like to pull a joke or two once in a while. Today is April 1st i.e. April’s fool day. While everyone is busy pulling the legs of their friends and family alike. The people at Google Inc. are pulling a different level of prank altogether. Let’s check all the pranks played by Google on different groups of people.

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Google plays April fool prank on users : The list.

Let’s see the different pranks being played by Google Inc. some of them are bizarre and some of them are extraordinarily funny.

Google Adsense Dashboard prank

Google Adsense is the de facto blog monetizing platform for bloggers and web masters alike. Many people earn in five figures from this awesome program. Trust us, we don’t. ;_;
Jokes apart, let’s check the prank being made on the users of this awesome program.

Google plays April fool prank on users google adsense
Google plays April fool prank on users : Google Adsense revenue from other planets.

For those of you who don’t know let me tell you, Europa is one the moons of Jupiter. I wonder how many readers do I have there? 😛

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Google plays April fool prank on users : Google Shelfie prank for Gmail users.

Google introduced this humongous prank for all Gmail users where they are allowe to choose a custom theme for their gmail called as Shelfie, which means shareable selfie. Some people even thought of this as something real, or a  unique feature. Here are some of the glimpses.

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Google plays April fool prank on users gmail shelfie


If this wasn’t enough, they even have a page in place to showcase the new “awesome” feature. Here’s what the page looks like. Check that hilarious graph of pirates vs. self portraits.

Google plays April fool prank on users gmail shelfie blogspot

Official Gmail Blog: Introducing Gmail Shelfie

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Google plays April fool prank on users : Google Maps Pokemon Hunt.

Since yesterday, people all over are busy finding pokemons through their mobiles and by using Google maps, now don;t you go crazy with your mobile in your hand. The pokemon hunt works like this, you open up your google maps and it will show you the nearest pokemon on map and you have to go to that location to catch it.

Your phone even acts like a Pokedex during this whole process. I am so thrilled already. Where was this feature when I was in 5th class. Well, on a closer thought I remember there was no Android OS or smartphones back then! :v

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Google plays April fool prank on users : Google Magic hand.


As can be seen in the above video, and also on a special page dedicated to Google users in Japan, Google has come up with an innovative prank in the form of a device called Google Magic hand, which comes in various variants as well as eases up several tasks of the users.
I am fine Google, my own hand is enough for me! 😛

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Google plays April fool prank on users : Photo bombs in Auto Awesome feature.

Google automatically introduced photos of popular celebrities in the portraits or selfies of people which contained enough blank space.

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And a lot more pranks were done by Google, for a complete list check some of the other websites out there!

No offence you our awesome reader deserves to read better stuff than April fool jokes. :v

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Google plays April fool prank on users

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  1. I remember when last time there prank was something called ” Google Smell ” . They made me search rose and other thing and told me that infra radiation technology of Google will create similar smell of what you searched. My nose was on screen all that day and i got nothing :'(


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