Lessons from The Shawshank Redemption


The shawshank redemption (1994) is a cult classic film which tells us the story of Andy Dufresne. A charismatic banker who is said to be guilty of murdering his own wife and her lover. The court sees him as a cold blooded murderer. But inside Andy Dufresne is a completely different man. A man of morals and ideals. Let’s see the lessons we can learn from The shawshank redemption.

Lessons from the shawshank redemption

Lessons from The shawshank redemption are :-

1.) Integrity :

Prison is a place where no one has any sense of self-respect. No integrity. But Andy Dufresne maintained his integrity throughout The shawshank redemption . Despite being knocked over and over by the “Bull queer” gang – The sisters and Bogs. He maintains his integrity and does not let himself fall in his own eyes.
Remember Self worth is the best gift that you can give to yourself!

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2.) Persistence :

Andy Dufresne persisted for 19 years. With only a rock hammer and his steel will. He chipped off the wall bit by bit, piece by piece. As was in The shawshank redemption. Same is true for us. There’s a wall of negativity, uncertainty around us. We have to persist. We have to break this wall in the same fashion. Bit by bit, piece by piece.

Andy wrote a letter a week for 6 years just to get funds for the prison library. And they tried shrugging him off with a 200$ check. But he still persisted and wrote two letters a week.

And finally they obliged, and the library was restored and made the best in all of the prisons in London.

Such is the power of persistence!

“Persistence is the greatest gift of Human Brain. – Aditya Nath Jha

3.) Hope :

Despite being in prison for 19 years in The shawshank redemption for a crime that he never committed. Andy never let go his hope of a better life. The hope of being free someday. Of heading down south and enjoying the rest of his years. Such is the power of hope. It’s the very essence of survival. How can you survive if you have no hope.

“Remember Red, Hope is a good thing! Maybe the best of things. And no good thing ever dies. – Andy”

4.) Friendship :

What really touched me or will touch any cine watcher is the portrayal of friendship in the film The shawshank redemption  Elis Redding and Andy were like the best of friends. Such is the understanding and friendship that we all seek. And it is possible only when two people have clear hearts. Without any ulterior motives.

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5.) Skill :

This is the part that counts the most. Skill is something which set Andy Duffresne apart from the rest of the crowd. Apart from being a skilled banker and financial planning adviser  the man had several other skills and hobbies. As was implicated in the film The shawshank redemption.

“Prison time is slow time.”

( You are reading : Lessons from The Shawshank Redemption - Inspirational)

Andy made chess pieces from rocks. Built a prison library. Taught some people up-to high school level. And above all filed tax returns for almost all in the Shawshank prison.

Skill is something which you can’t buy. You can accumulate it. And mind my words, it does pay off. Anything and everything that you can learn today, you must learn.

Life is too short and as they say : THE SKILLED GET AHEAD!

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