Why do you need inspiration

Why do you need inspiration? Have you ever thought, pondered. Taken a slice of time out of your busy schedule. Quit all the madness, just to get to know what your soul really yearns for.

Why do you need inspiration ?

why do you need inspiration

In the strange monotony we follow everyday, in the rush we lose ourselves. Our souls yearn for something to cut us free from the bondage of trying so hard without direction. Inspiration is something inherent in nature. Great artists, poets, painters, singers all derive inspiration from there surroundings. From beautiful feelings, from the trees, the birds.

Inspiration is everywhere around us. This inspiration is something which drives us to improve.

“We strive to be better only if we are inspired. – A.N.J”

Many a soul who didn’t get some inspiration, left this world way too soon before flying. It is this desperate need of inspiration that drives people to different sources. Whether it’s religious cons like Nirmal Baba, people like spiritual gurus. Movies, motivational quotes etc. we need them all because we all desperately seek inspiration.

It’s a basic human need. Like hunger, love, sex, Inspiration too is something that we need at all times. Although it’s not of such a primeval nature as the others. But it’s the food for our souls.

Now that you know that why do you need inspiration, you must also know that where you can find inspiration. Some say a stroll in the park, some say just being still and others say being with your loved ones. Anything and everything can inspire us. We just need to be receptive.

“Nature’s smarter than people think. – Micky from Rocky Balboa”

Nature always sends us signals. Hidden in the chirruping of birds, the silent sound of the blowing breeze. The blue skies, a soothing tune they all can inspire us.

Music is something which has inspired mankind since it’s inception. You feel low, need some mojo, just play a favorite music track of yours. But never ever let your self feel sulky or down trodden.

“There’s always a way for redemption. It doesn’t matter who you are and how deep in shit you are. – A.N.J”

Because remember if you need inspiration, it will find you. Just detach yourself from negative thoughts and other things which pull you down.

The greatest power is to leave the things which are not useful. Anything which feels heavy on your chest doesn’t deserve to be there. Keep smiling. Stay inspired to rise, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

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Why do you need inspiration

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