Microsoft and Google Donate $1M Each to Rust Foundation

Discover how Microsoft and Google’s $1 million donations to the Rust Foundation support critical projects and engineer workload reduction

On May 12, 2024, the Rust Foundation announced it had received a $1 million donation from Microsoft in December 2023.

This generous contribution, made by a “platinum member,” is earmarked for various pivotal initiatives, aiming to alleviate the workload of engineers by:

  • Hiring an additional Infrastructure Engineer for the Rust Foundation.
  • Supporting the “Rust Foundation Fellowship” program.
  • Developing new projects and reducing the maintenance demands on current Rust project maintainers.


In January 2024, the Rust Foundation’s board approved a motion to allocate $350,000 of this funding for hiring a new Infrastructure Engineer. Another $650,000 is set to fund engineers’ preferred projects over the next two years directly.

Moreover, during the first quarter of 2024, the Rust Foundation alongside its project director and the Rust project steering committee, reviewed the most pressing funding needs within the Rust projects.

The steering committee is considering using most of the initial $325,000 reserved for the Rust projects to enhance critical processes, including developing new collaborative mechanisms to improve workflow efficiency for maintainers.

Aside from Microsoft, Google has also recently donated $1 million to the Rust Foundation, which will be used to improve interoperability between C++ and Rust

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Microsoft and Google Donate $1M Each to Rust Foundation

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