Microsoft Expands Copilot Capabilities: Increases Character Limit and Enhances File Analysis

Microsoft updates Copilot, boosting the character input limit to 16,000 and enabling detailed PDF file analysis for improved productivity.

Microsoft recently announced significant updates to its Copilot feature, which is integrated into Windows 10, Windows 11, the web version, and the Edge browser. Initially, the character limit for Copilot was set at 2,000 characters, but over time this was increased to 4,000 characters.

In the latest update, Microsoft has pushed the boundaries further, allowing standard users in the “More Creative” mode to input up to 8,000 characters. Subscribers of Copilot Pro can now input up to 16,000 characters.

copilot new pdf summary features
Image Source: Windows Latest


This enhancement not only facilitates more extensive interactions but also accommodates more complex queries and commands. Moreover, Microsoft has introduced functionality to upload and analyze documents in formats like PDFs.

gpt 4 turbo copilot updates
Image Source: Windows Latest


Copilot now automatically identifies and organizes key points from these documents, improving efficiency for users dealing with large amounts of information.

Additionally, users can utilize Copilot to summarize, explain, expand upon, or translate the content of uploaded documents into other languages. This is further supported by Bing Search, which can verify the authenticity of the content within the documents.

ask copilot expand gpt 4 turbo
Image Source: Windows Latest


These improvements are designed to enhance the utility of Copilot in professional and academic settings, making it a more powerful tool for document management and data processing.

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Microsoft Expands Copilot Capabilities: Increases Character Limit and Enhances File Analysis

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